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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources
Where can I find the recorded Burnet Hilltop Estates Subdivision plat information?


The plat was recorded with Burnet county on July 26th 2022.



Where can I learn more about the Burnet Hilltop Estates Property Owners Association?


Burnet Hilltop POA was formed for private road maintenance, as well as to carry out the duties of the ACC.  The POA is intended to be self-managed by the lot owners, the Developer will assist in carrying out the function of the POA during the declarant control period, as referenced in 1.8 of the Covenants.  At the end of the declarant control period, a meeting will be held and to transition the POA to the property owners.  The developer has hired Pamco (Preferred Association Management Company) to represent the developer during the declarant period.


Who are the internet service providers that you can recommend?


Here are a few internet service providers options to research and see which best meet your needs.


Where might I find trash service?


Al Clawson Disposal provides service trash pickup service.


What about water and sewage utilities?


Homeowners at Burnet Hilltop Estates will be responsible for installing and maintaining their own water well and on site sewage facilities (septic systems). Water wells and septic systems are very common in Central Texas. Often your builder will help handle, and coordinate the well. We have found value in working with the following service providers:

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